Sensing the future

High quality polymeric sensors (SSNTD, CR-39, dosimetry grade PADC) and track etch specialist advice.


User training and system installation for passive track etch radon and neutron dosimetry


Track etch technology consultancy including a "Get up and running in a week" laboratory setup

Dosimetry Grade PADC

SSNTD or PADC (also known as CR-39) supplied.

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GM Scientific Ltd is a UK start-up specialising in SSNTD (also referred to as CR-39 or PADC) technology.



We can offer plastic detectors, laboratory setup and training. 

Our ambition is to develop the next generation radiation detecting material for alphas, neutrons or heavier ionising particles

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Laboratory setup and training

Advice and training offered to individuals or companies wishing to setup and run a radon or neutron measurement lab using passive track etch technology.


Dosimetry grade PADC

Supply of custom recipes. TASRAK or other specialist types. 

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